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Commercial Maintenance


Year Round Commercial Maintenance

  • Extensive fleet of new and maintained vehicles and equipment

  • Comprehensive general liability insurance of $5,000,000

  • Realtime GPS Tracking and Dashcams

  • Custom maintenance packages to suit the needs of the property

  • Proof of service reports available by request or by contract

Lawn Care Maintenance Services

Snow Removal & De-Icing Services

At Edwards & Sons, we understand that the curb appeal of your commercial properties, condos, industrial sites, and retail spaces is a reflection of your commitment to excellence. That's why our comprehensive lawn care and garden maintenance services are designed to meet the unique needs of each property we tend to. Our team of trusted and professional maintenance technicians bring meticulous attention to detail to every task—be it manicured lawns that invite admiration or vibrant gardens that add a splash of color to your business surroundings.


We offer a comprehensive range of services including regular lawn care, detailed garden maintenance, and proactive litter removal for a pristine outdoor environment. To effortlessly adapt to the changing seasons, we offer specialized services such as spring and fall clean-ups, installation of seasonal planters, and vibrant displays of annuals to keep your greenspace lively and welcoming throughout the year.

Winter is a season that all properties and businesses need to be prepared for. That's why it's important to have reliable winter snow removal services from an experienced provider. Our expertise extends to properties of all sizes, encompassing high-density residential, retail, commercial, and industrial spaces.


We offer comprehensive round-the-clock emergency support services, including dispatch assistance. From efficient snow management, including plowing, snow removal, and shoveling, to the use of commercial salt, ice melt, and sand for ice control, we prioritize safety. Our commitment extends to clearing and de-icing walkways, providing lot salting and sanding for optimal traction, as well as snow relocation using efficient dump trucks and loaders. In addition to the products mentioned previously, businesses can rest assured knowing our service utilizes pet friendly sidewalk de-icing products.

With Edwards & Sons you can expect a tailored approach that respects the individual characteristics of your property no matter the time of year, ensuring your property is not only well-maintained but is also safe and welcoming to visitors and employees.


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